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Skye & Staghorn

When I’m looking at swimwear I love finding brands, which showcase a classic style with a unique twist, a signature for the brand. To explain; to make a swimwear piece stand-out from the rest, it doesn’t need to be so embellished that I look like I’m ready for Mardi Gras in Brazil. What I’m looking for may just be a unique texture, or fabric application, something that’s instantly recognisable in a brand with just one look. There is a lot of swimwear out there that has crossed the line in trying-too-hard to attract attention; with so much bling it should only be worn while dancing in a “club” on a podium, not lying by the pool. These brands would do well to learn a thing or two about detailing and embellishment from the likes of brand Skye & Staghorn, who know how to make an impact using detail with style.

photo 2This Australian label first caught my attention with their “Maasai” collection. Tasteful moderate to Brazilian cut bikinis and one-pieces in classic black, mixed with digitally printed pattern and animal print Lycra. Black mesh inserts are a feature as well as being adorned with orange, white, aqua and black hand-beaded accents. I know what you’re thinking – that’s a whole lot of detail! It is, but the mixed media is partnered perfectly with a carefully thought out colour palette and print combinations, limiting it to the 4 colours used. All together giving a balanced, consistent and complimentary line thru out, thus coming off edgy and effortlessly fashion forward.

photo 12The most elaborate piece from this range, is the Madagascar Beaded Tri. It’s a completely hand-beaded petite tri shoulder strap top, beaded in a geometric pattern, using the signature colours in the “Maasai” collection, orange, black, white and aqua, surprisingly light for a fully beaded top. The combination of the simplistic beaded pattern and classic cut are the perfect example of a standout, signature swimwear piece, while still keeping it chic with the wearer feeling like she is wearing it, not it is wearing her.

photo 8The whole collection reflects just this aesthetic, as do the other collections from Skye & Staghorn. Enter the Floreat – a printed Tartan and floral pattern mix on white, in shades of blue and soft black, with some pieces featuring black mesh inserts. Again flattering, classic cuts partnered with various mixed media and print designs, which compliment without competing. Contrasting pattern trims and black mesh detailing are the subtle standouts in this line. It’s a little more subdued than “Maasai” with a fairy tale floral feel but keeping it edgy with the pieces detailed with black mesh.

photo 2This month Skye & Staghorn released Impala, a dreamy combination of pastels in blue and nude with cheetah print. Once more, mesh detailing features on some of the suits, this time in nude. The temptation is high for me wanting to buy into this new range but having just bought the Madagascar Petite Beaded Tri, Floreat Petite Tri and string pant, I will have to hold off, for now! With each collection Skye & Staghorn bring out I see a clear signature branding coming thru, but at the same time surprising us with new and unique offerings while leaving us wanting more. Designer Dakota Gilbert has proven this brand needs no bells and whistles for recognition, as she’s put her mark on the swimwear industry leading us to knowing and wanting a Skye & Staghorn when we see it.

Skye & Staghorn

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  • Reply Skye 23/02/2016 at 5:37 pm

    I want to buy the Madagascar beaded suit but it won’t let me… How much is it?

    • Reply vanessa 25/02/2016 at 10:21 am

      If you follow the link on my blog post it will take you direct to the site for purchasing. The top is $180 AUD and price depending on which bottoms you choose to match the bikini for total cost of set. Sorry for getting back so late as I have been travelling for 2 days. Any other questions let me know x

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