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Marmennill Swimwear

When the packagings so sweet you carefully cut around the box not to damage it, to get out your swimwear so you can use it for a flat-lay, then the brand is doing something right.
You see the perfectionism of  Marmennill Swimwear in their presentation and it does not stop there. As I pulled out my new Caribbean cheeky cut bottoms I could feel the velvety softness, their signature ombré pattern looking like a fine dyed silk, all impressive. Wanting to instantly put them on I had to wait, as being a perfectionist myself, I knew I had to get my flat lay done as optimal day light was leaving for the day! Included in the package is a sweet compact bubble blower and watercolor print of a palm tree you’d be tempted to frame, as I just may.
photo 10Flat-lay out of the way I raced to put them on. The ombré print perfectly shapes around your curves eccentuating your peach, taking on a whole new meaning of “the sun shining out of your … Peach”, as the print of a sunrise or sunset graces your booty. With enough fabric to cover making this cut for the masses but still keeping in with being a little cheeky, satisfying both moderate and teeny style lovers.
With their first line consisting of bottoms only, the tones in the ombré print serve as a versatile bottom to be able to mix and match with your own 8

The colours in Caribbean range from orange, pink to purple. I have already worn these bottoms with both solid pink and purple tops, perfectly matched setting off the tones in the bottom. There are other colours in this range that you can discover for yourself in greens, blues and more purple.
If you prefer a matching set of bottoms and tops then the 2016 range (out March), sees their line expanding with tops on offer. An exciting edition for those who like a matching set by the same designer.
The Marmennill brand is one, which started from one woman’s fury, some crediting Melanie’s ease of her achievements with a Masters in Engineering on her “pretty looks” (read her full story on the blog on their website). Un-deterred, with ambition and a passion to start her own swimwear line she followed her dream, turning all that pessimistic negativity thrown at her into a positive driving force. Her flawless approach can be seen thru exquisite packaging and beautiful swimwear. Continuing thru her sister Michelle also a big part of the Marmennill brand.
An inspirational story for us all, whatever your calling, know your worth! Don’t let negativity crush your creative thoughts, let it be the fuel to drive you towards making your dreams come true. Leading to this quote:
Here’s to strong women
May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them

(author unknown)

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