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Beach Accessories

Sugar And Spice Australia

What are your beach and pool essentials? I start with a nice big beach bag that I pack half full with room to rummage for things like my phone, as there is nothing worse then feeling like your lugging around everything including the kitchen sink. Inside are a few beauty products: Cocooil SPF, my Fox Tan and Bali Body, covering- protection, melanin stimulation and skin nourishment. A turkish towel as they pack light for drying off. One of my beach blankets to keep my place, peach (derrière) and things off the sand and rocks. A sun hat, water, my phone and a magazine or book to keep me entertained in-between people watching, swimming and day dreaming. With lots of room left in my bag there was one thing that was always missing and I’m sure we can all agree that while laying on the beach trying to read your latest mag, or scrolling through your phone we try to stuff whatever clothing and towel under our necks to get that comfy reading position and angle to avoid the sun from shining directly into our eyes.
This is where SUGAR AND SPICE AUSTRALIA comes in. Continue Reading

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