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Bikini addict discounts ?

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Mei L’ange

Timeless swimwear made for the modern woman – because elegance should be effortless.
I decided to open my blog post with a Mei L’ange belief as this is exactly what I thought of when I put on these suits. I felt elegant, not a scrap of make-up, hair pulled back in a pony, and slipping into one of these suits made me feel polished and put together. In my busy life when it comes to what I wear I’m so excited when I wear something that’s comfortable, qualitative and looks amazing and effortless. Continue Reading



When fellow Kiwi Emma Churchill got in touch with me to blog about her new ethical swimwear brand Emroce it was an instantaneous yes from me!
Eco-chic swimwear, yes please! Continue Reading



To date I have had the pleasure of living in 8 countries so far! One being in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. A country where I gave birth to our first born child Alegra. It created so many fond memories before and after her arrival, with its long stretches of beaches we enjoyed year round, delicious food, talented jewellers, artisans and fashion designers and above all the wonderful people that welcomed us into their homes and hearts as family; when we were so far away from our own. These are things I will never forget, so you can imagine when I came across the meticulously hand made perfection of RiniKini Swimwear and discovering it’s designer Rinat who had grown up on those beautiful shores; I felt a knowing connection of where her inspiration had come from. The swimwear is a beautiful representation of the inspirations that you get when surrounded by such a sunny place and creative people. thumbnail_068 (1)One of my favorite moments on this earth was floating pregnant in the magical waters of The Dead Sea, well RiniKini brings that one-off magic to swimwear. So if you haven’t already been introduced, allow me. Continue Reading


Djunah Swimwear

You know that saying ” I’m sorry for what I said when it was Winter ” Well that’s me to a T. I hate to say I hate anything, but Winter I pretty much hate you! It’s times like these you wish you could be whisked away to a sun soaked paradise, or the next best thing… a sun soaked parcel from the divine Djunah swimwear to inject thoughts of a tropical paradise and sun soaked beach days with their newly released line, Golden Daze.
I received 3 beautiful hand worked suits to play with; Just the kind of pick-me-up inspiration this swimwear connoisseur needed to get through the Winter months!
They’re fun, fresh, and feminine, as Djunah Swim’s influence comes from an exotic mix of Persia, the Caribbean and Indonesia. All exuding tropical heat and goodness to bring us rich gold, silver, braided and macramé detailed pieces.
So sit back, grab a cocktail and get ready to fall in love with Djunah… Continue Reading

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