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moreswimwearThe beginning of my passionate “obsession’’…

I’m writing my first blog as Summer in the Mediterranean is coming to a close, but that’s ok!
I love everything that swimwear represents – it’s fun, feminine and embodies all the wonderful things that are Summer, the heat, holidays, being poolside or at the beach with salty skin, hair and air. It is always Summer somewhere in the world and I can feed my passion year-round by looking, buying and trying all the new looks from all the talented designers I adore.

– A little about me: Vanessa Maree Tomasic –
Born in 1979, by the time I was 11 along came Elle (McPherson), Rachel (Hunter), Cindy (Crawford), Christy (Turlington), Linda (Evangelista), Helena (Christensen), Chlaudia (Schaufer), Naomi (Campbell), and Cathy (Ireland). These women glowed in magazine editorials and on screen around
 the globe. When Sports Illustrated was televised I was glued.
Fit, curvy, beautiful women, having fun on the beaches all over the world wearing an array of bikinis and one pieces that I just wanted to get my hands on!!!! (the swimwear not the women ; ) )

Fast forward 10 years, on a European holiday, I met my husband, and father to our 3 children Alegra (6), Nika (4) and Luka (2).
3 years later I moved to be with him in Europe and followed him with his work to different countries.

The wonderful thing about having lived in 8 countries so far, is finding new and unique brands and styles of swimwear.
Being born and raised in New Zealand, swimwear was either boy cut, full cut or even wearing board-shorts over your swimwear. You could say a little on the conservative side, though much has, and is changing.

Living on the Gold Coast of Australia I saw California to full cut, even Brazilian to thongs.
The dominant swimwear brands remained the same from NZ to OZ at the time: Seafolly, Moontide, Zimmerman, Billabong, Roxy, O’neill, Aztec Rose, Rip Curl, Quicksilver etc.

After moving to Europe the choice of styles and cuts was endless. Then came online shopping! It was as if I was given the key to a candy store, I was in heaven. This further ignited my addiction! I can’t even tell you how many swimsuits I buy yearly, as it varies, but yes, it is a lot!

Word of advice be careful of customs tax depending on where you are!! I have been stung!

Having worked in swimwear boutiques, and as a trained beauty therapist, I consider myself experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of swimwear, from fit to design and skin and body health.

More Swimwear, the name itself has a double meaning. More in Croatian means ‘sea’ and more, of course in English is to indulge yourself with your passion.
Mine being my love of the sea and always wanting more swimwear!!

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy my blog



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