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May 2017

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Britlow Swim

A Swimwear brand with the chill factor, aiming to slow things down when it comes to a world of fast fashion. Designed and handmade by Britney Samuels Low, in her Miami studio where she lovingly cuts, then re-cuts each style until she achieves perfect fit swimwear. Something for each of us to love and appreciate so we can feel our best wearing Britlow Swim. Continue Reading


Bikini addict discounts ?

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Mei L’ange

Timeless swimwear made for the modern woman – because elegance should be effortless.
I decided to open my blog post with a Mei L’ange belief as this is exactly what I thought of when I put on these suits. I felt elegant, not a scrap of make-up, hair pulled back in a pony, and slipping into one of these suits made me feel polished and put together. In my busy life when it comes to what I wear I’m so excited when I wear something that’s comfortable, qualitative and looks amazing and effortless. Continue Reading

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