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June 2016

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Dare To Bare

Nude tone swimsuits are back in a big way! They’re sexy skin toned palettes which are subtle, neutral and soft. With such a variety in as many styles it’s a winner for us all, plus the bonus of your swimsuit going incognito under your clothing. I love a suit that contributes to a clean polished look when going from street to beach. Here are my top picks to getting you on your way to “looking good naked”. Continue Reading


The Fox Tan

It goes to show that first impressions count especially when it comes to Instagram as an advertising tool. The Fox Tan caught my eye with cocoa complexioned beautiful humans gracing their page and cute mint-green signature packaging, boasting a faster, darker tan with tan accelerator FoxComplex. I will admit I was in two minds, so I visited their site to read more.

As a Beauty Therapist, I’m all about practicing care and safety especially when it comes to getting a tan, which is why I was really intrigued to know more about this product.  Fox Tan claim its products are perfect for anyone wanting to maximise tanning in short safe spells and for those who do not tan easily; as with their melanin boosting products you really will achieve your deepest and darkest natural tan while spending less time in the sun! I was happy to see they recommend using sun protection for prolonged periods outdoors and after reading such positive customer testimonials – I decided to order the complete Fox Pack of Rapid Tanning Elixir and Rapid Tanning mist. Heres a little bit about each product:

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