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May 2016



It’s a collection in the new Porter Magazine that’s inspired this piece- “make an impression with the pure simplicity of white”. I had a moment of yes! This is something I’ve thought of everytime time I see a beautiful white swimsuit. Making an impression through simplicity which is clean, graphic, relaxed yet cool and allowing for a woman’s curves to shine through the style and fabrication. For obvious reasons it’s a great choice if you want to show off a tan but also flattering on every skin tone as there is a shade of white for all, so here are my top picks, beginning with a personal favourite: Continue Reading


One For Us Mama’s

As it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday I thought I would do a piece for us mama’s, dedicated ​to suits that withstand all the beach and poolside summer activities we enjoy with our ​kids!
Ones which stay in place when running, jumping, being tugged at and breast-feeding and still accommodating the look of put-together-mummy-chic.
Obviously a one-piece is your safest bet but as a mother and as any woman you don’t want to be limited to one category, so I’ll be delivering you the best ‘stay-put’ versions in all the styles. Continue Reading

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