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February 2016

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Lingerie Inspired Swimwear

Lace detailed swimwear is nothing new, it’s something that has been around for quite some time, either subtly peaking out pretty lace trims used well by the likes of Luli Fama, or Kai Lani swimwear, to heavily featured thick lace accented bikinis, the girls made “famous” on the Jersey Shore. With the flirtation of this trend growing, I’m going to address my love/hate relationship when it comes to crossing the line between lingerie and swimwear, for me there is always a wrong and right way to do things. I love seeing confident woman strutting there stuff in a swimsuit, it’s powerful and it gives me that so-can-I feeling to. There are however some suits out there that are not just lingerie inspired, they are in my eyes bringing to much boudoir to the beach and no amount of sass will save you. I  think the first indication when shopping this look is ask yourself, not would you like to wear this but would you wear this in the bedroom? Do you see where I’m going with this? I think we all love lingerie and so when we see it in our swimwear we are instantly attracted, we need to separate the sexy seduction of behind-closed-doors, to a feminine cultured beach perspective. Continue Reading

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Swimwear Meets Active Wear

Many swimwear brands are extending their lines to active wear; this is the perfect combination if you ask me! With active wear and swimwear being of the same fabrication, they go hand in hand with both needing to be comfortable, most often body hugging, flexible, supportive and they know the importance of print and colour placement to flatter a woman’s curves.

It’s a no-brainer and I love the flair and fun swimwear designers bring to the design of active wear. They make it inviting, inspirational – like putting on a warm smile, giving you that extra budge to getting your fitness on. With life sometimes being serious and stressful, our downtime should focus on everything that’s positive and uplifting.
Just looking at this active wear makes you happy, automatically putting you in the right frame of mind to start or end the day right. Continue Reading

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