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January 2016

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Skye & Staghorn

When I’m looking at swimwear I love finding brands, which showcase a classic style with a unique twist, a signature for the brand. To explain; to make a swimwear piece stand-out from the rest, it doesn’t need to be so embellished that I look like I’m ready for Mardi Gras in Brazil. What I’m looking for may just be a unique texture, or fabric application, something that’s instantly recognisable in a brand with just one look. There is a lot of swimwear out there that has crossed the line in trying-too-hard to attract attention; with so much bling it should only be worn while dancing in a “club” on a podium, not lying by the pool. These brands would do well to learn a thing or two about detailing and embellishment from the likes of brand Skye & Staghorn, who know how to make an impact using detail with style. Continue Reading

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My Top Swimwear Picks

Tori Praver Swimwear Resort 2016

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Peahi Top and Bottom available in a assortment of colour ways

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Shanti Top and Bottom available in a assortment of pattern/colour options

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Todos-Santos One-Piece available in other colour/pattern-ways

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Honolulu One-Piece available in other colour/patterns

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Baja Top and Bottom available in block colours and pattern

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Lahaina Top and Bottom available in block colours and pattern-ways

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Tamarind Top and Bottom available in block colour and pattern-ways

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Keiki/kids Escondido One-Piece available in block colour and pattern-ways

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Keiki/kids Lolita One-Piece available in block colour and pattern-ways

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We recycle our plastic bottles and from this, who would’ve thought we’d end up wearing them! Technology today can at times be the bane of our lives, however it’s purpose is the mark of progress, allowing us to push beyond the boundaries of our dreams and moving us forward.

Enter the brand Brkn Image, advocates for the environment and sustainability and creators of the eco friendly Brkn Swimwear range. Continue Reading

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Marmennill Swimwear

When the packagings so sweet you carefully cut around the box not to damage it, to get out your swimwear so you can use it for a flat-lay, then the brand is doing something right.
You see the perfectionism of  Marmennill Swimwear in their presentation and it does not stop there. As I pulled out my new Caribbean cheeky cut bottoms I could feel the velvety softness, their signature ombré pattern looking like a fine dyed silk, all impressive. Wanting to instantly put them on I had to wait, as being a perfectionist myself, I knew I had to get my flat lay done as optimal day light was leaving for the day! Included in the package is a sweet compact bubble blower and watercolor print of a palm tree you’d be tempted to frame, as I just may. Continue Reading

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Gypsy Soul Swimwear

I love discovering new talent, it’s inspiring and thought provoking. With the amount of swimwear that I own and have seen, I never want to get to the stage of “I’ve seen it all”.

Isabelle the creative genius behind Gypsy Soul Swimwear, offers something that is every swimwear enthusiasts dream, a custom made crochet bikini where you get to pick the colour/colours, style and detail. The biggest problem for me was, which to choose? Continue Reading

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