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October 2015

Tori Praver Swimwear

Floral is here to stay!

 Tori Praver SwimwearFloral swimwear was a big part of 2015 swimwear and I can see it is already playing a big part in resort 2016.

I see floral as a neutral pattern just like animal print. It’s a print everyone can pull off. You can choose to turn the volume up or down with the colour and pattern, depending on how loud you want to go!
Tori Praver Swimwear 2015 Casablanca rose and Casablanca seashell print was the stand out for me. Still available, in a variety of styles. I have the Cabazon top and bottom in Casablanca seashell.It’s flirty ruffle details with the floral print give me a Marilyn Monroe 50’s screen siren vibe.

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Luli Fama Swimwear


After doing last weeks blog post another swimwear giant came to mind, Luli Fama!

The words I associate when I think of Luli are fun, flirty, full of colour and quality crafted swimwear.
Its the go to brand when I want to feel flirty and playful. This is why if you asked my husband to pick a bikini or one piece, luli fama would be on that list.
Come to think of it, the first time I asked him to pick a bikini for me online, he chose a Luli one.
I noticed the designing duo of Lourdes “Luli” Haninan and her brother-in-law Augusto, when they started with Cover Style and then evolving to Luli Fama in 2003. Continue Reading

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Vix Paula Hermanny

My love affair with Vix  swimwear

Yes I call it a love affair! It’s the longest standing relationship I’ve had with one brand of swimwear. Though not monogamous, as there is so much temptation out there with other beautiful brands, I always get pulled back and buy a bikini or 2 a season from this sexy and sophisticated brand.

Whilst living in Tel Aviv, Israel 7 years ago I came across Vix swimwear. It stood out from the rest of the brands with its subtle yet eye catching 24 karate gold-dipped jewel detailed bikinis. The soft Lycra blend was the best I had ever come across.

Once on, I instantly looked at my husband (also my BFF shopping partner) and he knew I would be walking out with more than one!

That day I took home 3 Vix bikinis. A Bia tube bikini which I later learnt was the signature most popular bikini of the brand and 2 triangle bikinis with tie side bottoms, both in reversible print. All three are Brazilian cut, also available in full cut.
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Joycie + Jules

A towel that deserves a blog post!

Who would have thought!?
I find a lot of my goodies thanks to Instagram, as I’m sure we all do. Joycie+Jules page is colorful, fun and resonates all things summer.
Based in Spain, inspired by Australia’s endless summer days, the brand and towels sweetly named after their beloved grandmothers.
These luxurious thick 100% cotton velour round towels are much more than just a towel. They are a beach blanket, large enough for my children to snuggle under, during those long beach days and nights. This made me want to enquire if they could be made into quilt size for my bed!
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Frankie Swimwear

There’s a saying: Aussies do it best when it comes to swimwear.
Their game is pretty strong.
I want to shine a light on two new Australian swimwear brands that have caught my eye.

Frankie Swimwear –

I first noticed them thanks to instagram. Beautiful models wearing gorgeous jewel toned bikinis in simple sexy cuts and impeccable fits.
It didn’t take me long and I was headed to their online store to get my fix.
The darling bralette is my hot fav for its fixed triangle, adjustable straps and back strap in cinnamon and the G3 string Brazilian bottom in Merlot.
It’s a winning combination of sexy simplicity without being too provocative.

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